Consultation Rates
$50 per hour
(billed by the quarter hour)

A Consultation package from Mike Schneider Designs is a great option if you have the technical know-how to build your website but aren't sure of the best way to accomplish your goals. Trust the professionals at Mike Schneider Designs to develop strategies to improve the functionality or design aspects of your site, or to troubleshoot and diagnose potential problems. Examples for consultation services include:

  • Strategizing ways to setup site links for ease of navigability
  • Researching ways to place your website higher in various search engines
  • Devising the best methods for form creation

At the end of the consultation process, you'll receive a detailed report by email outlining the steps you should take to reach your website development goals. You are welcome to contact Mike Schneider Designs with additional questions once you receive your custom consultation report. For the low rate of $50 per hour, it's a wise investment in the future of your business.

Consult with the professionals at Mike Schneider Designs today and keep your website moving in the right direction!

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